2015 Scrúdu Ceol Tíre (SCT)
Traditional Irish Music Program

Thursday, July 2

There’s more to Irish traditional music than just playing tunes. Musical works have histories and stories, just as musicians today stand on the shoulders of giants from the past. The SCT (Scrúdu Ceol Tíre) program is a series of exams designed to take you as a musician from basic proficiency in tune-playing through to a mastery of the tradition. Along the way you’ll not only learn tunes but will also learn about music theory, improve your ear and research the history of musical pieces, styles and players.

The SCT exams acknowledge not only musical achievement, but also an understanding of music theory along with the history of Irish traditional music and its place within Irish culture worldwide. Exams are offered at 12 levels in Elementary, Junior and Senior categories. At all levels, candidates perform a selection of traditional tunes, complete theory exercises and discuss aspects of the Irish tradition appropriate to their level.

While this may sound a bit dry, it is in fact a really exciting opportunity for students to become more fully engaged and enmeshed in the living history of Irish traditional music. All the greatest players, from Martin Hayes to Matt Molloy to Joe Burke, are great not just because they know a lot of tunes. They're great because they are embodiments, living repositories of literally hundreds of years of Irish music and culture.

Please note: The SCT exams are not intended to grade students. Instead, they exist to give constructive feedback and create focused goals to guide students as they journey into the Irish tradition.

We heartily encourage all students, both kids and adults, to register for the SCT. This year, Eileen Gannon will be coming in from St. Louis Irish Arts to conduct the program.

The cost to participate in the SCT depends on your level:

Elementary Cycle 1-3: $30
Junior Cycle 1-3: $40
Junior Cycle 4-5: $50
Senior Cycle 1-2: $60
Senior Cycle 3-4: $70

Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to the exam for tuning/rehearsal. The exam itself varies in length from 10-30 minutes, depending on level.  All participants will receive written feedback from the examiners and a certificate of completion after the program.

To register, please enter your information below by Wednesday, June 24.  We will confirm your scheduled time and which level you should register for.

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