Join us at our monthly IRISH HERITAGE HOOLEY

The Irish Music School of Chicago hosts a monthly Hooley on the last Sunday of every month as part of its efforts to preserve and pass on the traditions of Irish music.

Each month, musicians of all backgrounds, experience levels and ages, come together at Chief O'Neill's to share tunes and songs. In the Irish tradition, musicians have no set list to play: each musician starts a tune that they want to play and others join in. One of the important aspects of traditional Irish music, and a fundamental component of the teaching philosophy of the Irish Music School of Chicago, is passing tunes and techniques on from generation to generation. At the Hooley, younger students are encouraged to start tunes and share their knowledge with more seasoned musicians. Those more experienced musicians also spend time sharing their expertise with others. Each participant brings a different style of playing to the group and many learn new tunes or new ways of playing tunes they know.

The atmosphere is convivial, supportive and fun. Whether you are a musician or just a fan of Irish music, the Hooley is a great opportunity to see and hear traditional music at its best: played by a wide variety of musicians in a fun, relaxed environment.